Friday, October 17, 2008

Here are some of my paintings in progress (oil on canvas, oil on masonite). The red one - I don't think I am going to finish. The one with a blond lady and red lipstick is going to be done by next Friday. I am going to change the background color for this one and probably add some warm color to her skin. BTW, this is my friend Yuliya posing for me. The red one - is just a model from the AAU.

This one - is the better resolution of the painting I posted before - acrylic on canvas


Carlos Talbott said...

very nice work!! this is traditional media right? i will like to see some of the same techniques in digital.

othere then that i thiink you are heading the right way!! just keep going!

MR.SHIZZLA said...

omg , what can I say I am jealous, would love to produce that type of work to, inspires me to go more towards fine art.
Are lessons from teachers helpful or are you just all in it?
Glad to see this, talent!!!

BrandonJones said...


Spectacular, flesh tones especially on the Red one are subtle and believable. Nice work, Like to watch the progress if you keep pushing them.

Nadia Moon said...

thanks everyone. Teacher's advice is always helpful,but I am always into painting. The main thing: no rush, just oil painting meditation on your mind. And good music of course:)