Saturday, April 26, 2008


HEY, no ill intentions for which I was gone for a while...had to pull some stuff together. I have been viewing the blogg, and love what I see. My critics will drop soon again. I have been talking with Angelo on some interesting ideas, about sharing our work and knowledge with each other.
THanks for your guys inspiration and lets continue to show good work.
On this note I am gladly showing you what I have been working on improving.
Critic is welcome but please first try to understand the character, although he is naked in this character sheet.
On another note I am a great fan of music...which provides artist a great amount of inspiration. SO in order to reinspire everybody I am providing this link to you which I finally found and am so happy about...IT's a movie soundtrack radio...I know you guyz will love it. It is called ""


Dr. Kjeld said...

Nice work but i can't tell the details

pictures are a little dark, make sure to brighten them up a little so it can be reviewed, specially if you intend to print it. I made that mistake on my portfolio presentation ions of years ago...

Spade said...

tell us more about this character. justify your design decisions.