Friday, February 12, 2010

More WIPS.

Getting some progress with Joan, however there are still some anatomically incorrect places. The face took me forever to figure out but it seems fine for now, however Im still not satisfied with it, I think the nose is off, and the eyes are weird but I tried literally like 80 times painting the face over and over again. So I'm breaking off that for now. Also still trying to figure out her arms, they are a bit wonky and too long.

Finally got a chance to scan in some thumbs for the Fire Elf piece. Definitely have a lot of ideas on how to fix that a whole lot better. Instead of trying to salvage the previous one I was working on, I'm going to be starting over from scratch and implementing some illustrative story telling with it. I can do that better by selecting better angles and really thinking about what is going on in the scene.

A fast color sketch of Subject Zero from Mass Effect 2.

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MR.SHIZZLA said...

Like the comic strips a lot keep it coming