Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Self Portrait

Working directly with color, more like an oil painter. Of course, rocking the idiot brushes, need to make my own.


Emery Miller said...

Dude what are idiot brushes? I hope I haven't been using those!

Angelo Cordon said...


dude how are you getting those sublte blue shadows? so niceeeee

BrandonJones said...

Idiot brushes are just called Idiot Brushes. They are a download from Concept under Photoshop, resources, brushes or some such thread. I see them everywhere now, but they are more apparent in that black and white Archery one I posted a couple down on this page.

Thanks man, thats just obbserved color I didnt do value, just straight into sloping it on, like oils! it was fun

Carlos Talbott said...

looks good man have you try working with painter?