Thursday, March 4, 2010



Angelo Cordon said...

Damn dude,

nice to push those boundaries! Dig the rainbow guy and that girl painting is completely new from what you usually do. pretty sweet.

Joaquin E. Jutt said...

thank ya, these are all just exercises for me. I need to tackle my weak points as an artist without fear of failure. We are all our strongest critic and once you can mute your self doubt your free to create anything.

BrandonJones said...

That is so true man. I feel a lot of my posts get formulaic since I am trying to emulate the skills of other artists. I really like the bold ideas and designs in this post. That patent dude is just a cool character, it has real mood, like some deranged uncle Sam. They make me want to interpret them, I suppose that is a success in itself!
Good job.