Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey guys, It's Josh Angeles. Angelo invited me to nocturnal concept and it's a privilege to post some artwork with the people that I know and helped me. :) Anyways here's one unfinished work that is taking me a long time (Mainly this piece is for practice and I'm trying to learn from it). There's no story behind it, just decided to draw a female warrior.


Emery Miller said...

whatsup Josh! welcome to the blog.

MR.SHIZZLA said...

Hi Josh,
hey cool stuff.
1st the proportions are looking good so far, obviously you are still painting a lot but I would suggest that you give her face more expression or some head accessory that makes it relevant for her to hold her head so stiff.
I have to say I like this piece.

Angelo Cordon said...

that face. is just so awesome!! great attention to facial planes and light and shadow.

I would however say that the pose is slightly undynamic and rigid - there's no contraposta; or the silhouette is bland. Great proportion and perspective, though!

Great to see you posting here man! Keep them eye candies coming!