Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Costa Rica painting

Hi Guys,
This is my first post. Can you give me some pointers on this? Although it breaks the frame it's really an environment concept.


Carlos Talbott said...

hello Emery

my name is Carlos and welcome to the club!

i like the idea and colors but if we are trying to go for a environment concept i think this one is off a bit, looks more like a post card or for a poster which if that is the case it works nicely. i say it needs more rendering specially on the animals on the foreground. if you are trying to create and environment to give an idea of a place some where around the world you don't always have to put the name of the location in the painting i say latte the painting tall the story and remember that in an background or environment you will always found, background, middle ground, and foreground.

not much but hope it helps!

Angelo Cordon said...

Hey man -

Great seeing you post here already! I agree with what carlos has mentioned. Heres a small sample of environment concept art: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=137074

I would also critique on your soft brushes. I stay away from those as it makes everything seem blurry and use them when it matters i.e. = foreground objects are always sharper, then the midground and the background objects will be softer/blurrier. or depending on what you want to be in focus.

BrandonJones said...


I think the purpose of this piece is a little different than the environment concepts as mentioned by Carlos and Angelo.
That aside, from a composition perspective, you have a lot of animals which take up about the same amount of space and dominate the foreground. I know they are in a way, framing devices. But, to avoid a flatness by things being about the same size, perhaps you could contrast the sizes of animals to create more depth.
Also, there is the unifying orange throughout the whole image. It is nice and contrasts with the cool hues in the birds, but, it also flattens the image, perhaps it could change in the distance to suggest atmospheric depth.

Overall, its refreshing and I can't wait to see it developed further.


Great feedback so far. I'll post again as I continue working on this. Thanks