Saturday, March 21, 2009

JINOBI of Panja

I FEEL like I took a jump on progress on this, thanks to a lot of critic and inspiration from friends... I will keep going ya'all!!!


BrandonJones said...

Looking really good Angelo,

I especially think the hands and feet are terrific. The earlier you get some eyes/ eylashes in there, the easier it will be to get the face looking finished later on.

Fantastic work!

MR.SHIZZLA said...

YOU are driving me crazy BRANDON!!!
it's TYRONE, me TYRONE, remember me!!! lol , when I see you I ' llpunch you for real, from the back, like you will never

BrandonJones said...


Your name got me all mixed up. You see what my name is? My NAME! That is what I use on all websites, Anyways, the comments stand, now let me give you back your magazine. Ill be at GDC tomorrow but I wont bring it unless I hear from you.


Angelo Cordon said...


I tried to fix this through my iphone but leaving comments on your iphone just doesnt seem to work as well as you would think!!!

Anyways! Yes, amazing work. those hi res skin textures really make it well worth it. I think there is something off with the value of the face - doesn't seem to match the rest of the body, as well as the leg.

There is also something weird with one of the tricep muscles? well not the tricep but the muscle connected from the tricep to the forearm. I think that could be more subtle. I think some parts of the skin could use more red as well - like the scapula. but this is coming a long really really nice! way to push up that bar TYRONE!