Sunday, March 8, 2009

is not a lot i was playing around with designs but finally found a track for it so now i just need to spend time on him. this is all painter by the way

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Angelo Cordon said...

Carlos -

Would have loved to see all of your other ideas for this character. Instead of posting one silhouette, we would love to see one good sheet of shapes based on your main idea. That way you are not limiting yourself and you can explore other dynamic ideas and go for the one that would be most interesting.

I think you are also worrying too much about the details on an early on stage. I would challenge you to NOT ZOOM IN!!!!! Reasons why - your proportions are wrong. The man is too short, as well as the "lion". Also spend hours collecting reference pictures of a lion! Put them all in one page and you can have it on your other window as you paint so you know what a lion looks like!

Dont worry about colors, work with black and white and get your values right. Colors at this stage will trick you.