Friday, July 10, 2009

Cave Opening Concept

I've been doing environment exercises. This is not an exact copy, but an idea from a photo. Starting with Non-Rectangular stuff. I am definitely out of my comfort zone here. Any feedback welcome.


Angelo Cordon said...

nice dude, way to push yourself. would love to see a hint of warm tones in the background room or vice versa to have some more dramatic lighting. also some more definable textures on the foreground would be great as well.

Carlos Talbott said...

that's what i am talking about my friend, now that you have the color and light dedicate time to detail of the rocks and look at reference of water to see how light affects it. looking good man keep it up!!

BrandonJones said...


Very nice environment study. Your brush strokes very intelligently describe the floura and rock formations. A great dirction and great for pushing yourself man. All the way from Tiraspol, way to go man!

oh it is brandon