Thursday, July 30, 2009


" Next Up: Getting Freelance, Jobs, Pricing, Promoting and Making it big.
Getting jobs, finding, pricing, and winning freelance, creative promotion, and supporting yourself as an artist are key to living as a artist in the world today. We will spend time covering every aspect, tool, and theory that the most successful artists in the world use to make their dreams real. You don't have to starve. You can do anything you wish with your art career if you just know the ways that it is done. This information did not come in art school...

I am going to share information which you can, and will, directly apply to making your own career successful, regardless of your circumstances or creative path. This is not just for concept artists. This is for all artists and is designed for any art career you have in mind. I grew up dirt poor and was orphaned by seventeen. If I can make it, any of you can. I will be helping those participate understand how they can make their art career and freelance life exactly as they hope for. I will go over everything from promotion to gathering work to pricing, setting salaries, negotiation, and contracts. This is an all inclusive course.

When: Saturday August 1 2009
Where: Right here on ConceptArt.Org in the Live Education forums.
Time: 1PM-5PM Central Daylight Time (Austin Texas)
Tuition: 95 bucks.
How: The CA shop will be updated shortly with this class."

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