Monday, August 31, 2009

Just wanted to post this image I did a while ago for a client, the project wasn't moving forward so I thought it would be nice to have an interior env space to show.


Angelo Cordon said...

damn, nicely done!

care to share your procedures on this piece? anything new that you learned or challenges that you tackled?

Carlos Talbott said...

very nice my friend love the lighting in the room very very well done!.

Carlos Talbott said...

now that i look in to detail i see some object out of proportion i think, but for example the table in the middle the share looks kind of off. but ones a aging looks like is work in progress and you re almost done with it , i think?? is it work in progress?

BrandonJones said...

Angelo thanks man.

Yeah, I am working in line to block in the perspective, then buildup a greyscale image. This is when I am thinking about lighting and color mood. I wanted it to be a warm looking bistro, but atached to a larger interior space, perhaps a hotel connected by a hall.

Carlos, I am sure the details need a lot of work to be considered finished, and the proportions are probably quite a bit off as well. It was a concept piece, so I stopped work on it realitively quickly. Maybe I can come back to it and try to fix some things and add a bit of detail.

Thanks for the comments

MR.SHIZZLA said...

Sixk , man of course it needs finessing but its a great great start...I am jealous...:)