Friday, August 21, 2009

spend more time on it is getting there bit by bit


BrandonJones said...


I am really feeling the mood. While your at this stage, I would try and really get the perspective on the bus, and any hard shape down. If these shapes are kind of wonky, no amount of detail will help, if you need to work while directly looking at a picture of a bus to get wheel sizes, and proportions down. That one element can really sell the realism.

Angelo Cordon said...

I agree with what Brandon said. In addition, the textures in the background are showing too much; remember atmospheric perspective.

also you need to paint over those textures and not just leave them there so it doesnt look like you just overlayed it. I would also suggest making textured brushes as it will help with that.

Check out Mathias Verhasselt's speed painting demos. I know you will learn a lot from it.