Friday, August 21, 2009

A night at the Museum.

I am going to try and go again before this exhibit leaves. It was awesome, I was tired from working all day, but once inside with a folding stool and a sketchpad, you couldn't ask for better subject matter. Also, you can learn alot as the museum docents come through guiding groups. In the bacckground I learned about the establishment of the Shogunate, combat tactics, armour and weapon producers, politics. Really a great time, $10 on a thursday night after 5 pm. (Thats 5 for the normal museum, 5 for the exhibit. Still worth it and cheaper than a movie~!


Angelo Cordon said...

sweet studies dude!

is there any other nights that we can get in for that cheap??

BrandonJones said...

Any Thursday, but hurry before Sep 20