Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fallen Samurai

Hey never could finish this guy, this is a a old piece I decided to add some effects on it to give it a washed out look


Spade said...

filters = bad

it wouldve been better to just change the opacity of the colors and add on top if you want the washed out look.

the silhouette is kind of weak with the arms being too close to the body making it look like one giant blob.

focus on the values more first as they are not working at all with this one. cool choice of colors though.

i think maybe the head is too big or the arms are too small even for foreshortening/perspective.

MR.SHIZZLA said...

I believe that there isn't much to do to safe this piece. I am calling it quits. I agree with your critic about the silhouette. At this point though it would mean a entire different piece, and it's not worth it. As for filters=bad, not sure...I like the inky look I would never do it for another piece but on this one it rather saves it because the colors are so washed out...then again the values especially for th skin tone are off.As I mentioned though this is an old piece I am not going to invest more time on it. I will have learned from my mistakes...thanks for the critic.
P.s.:SOmetime you just need to call it quits and move on, lol :)

Spade said...

lol, i was going to say ive seen you pull off better works :p

as for filters: it warped it too much to a point where i can tell that they are filter works. this really showed with the line art.

i think you can either give up now or push it further by starting over, using this as reference. you can do a lot with this because you have an idea of what the character is. just my 2 cents.