Saturday, March 8, 2008

something for tonight

haven't painted in a while, rar. this took me a bit more than an hour and half, still wip as i am slowly starting to get into the cloth part. this is referenced off from a piece by francsisco herrera the younger.


MR.SHIZZLA said...

what is the name of the original piece to compare. It's a study right?

Spade said...

its called the triumph of st hermengild.

its not much of an accurate study, but referencing heavily off of the original piece. my original idea was to make him an astronaut from the 50s with a cheesy sci-fi gun. we'll see... but first, i wanted this piece to stand on its own, meaning, are my proportions and anatomy correct? my values? what needs more work before moving on to little details?

MR.SHIZZLA said...

I would say you have 3 major problems.
1)your figure is missing the arc, line of action, In the original piece it is almost shaped like a bow.
2)your figure is compared to the original squashed, look at it again, there is way more space between the neck and chest area, and also more space between the torso and hip cloth area.
3)The position of the arms to close to his head.The original has more of an L shape, then again maybe you want more foreshortening & if that is the case you need to pop that shoulder out a bit I think, he looks a little cramped up in that area.
Since you just starting this I would say the colors are coming along nicely. I am thinking you will probably push the contrast more.