Tuesday, March 11, 2008

new dude

hey guys am the new guy and i am fucking tiered is 1:30 in the morning but i am feeling good!. happy to be here some of you know me (right Angelo) and some of you i know but don't remember me i think. JK

so here is some work hope you like what you see, i am not done with it just stared like 1 hr ago but so far so good i think. please late me know what you think and what can be done. thanks !!

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MR.SHIZZLA said...

HI, never got the chance, so here it is...
I think that piece has a great frosty, freezing feel to it.I like the colors , and the overall contrast you got going on. I have to point out though that THe foreground and Background grab my attention more then the middle ground and the general center of the piece.
In the center of the piece I as a viewer get a little floaty, lost.
It is hard to make out what that piece in the center is, strongly illuminated (dominant white)... I am sure that it is a rock formation, but you could make it more interesting, and lead the viewer in to the picture even more.
I hope my critic helps, and there are no misunderstandings.
I feel the character in the piece and that already tells a lot, I really have a hard time doing what you do so I appreciate even the more.
Cool work