Thursday, March 13, 2008

so this is what i have so far for today, i think its almost done just need a few touches here and there, but i want to see what you guys think and what needs to be fix or retouch. thanks guys!!

hope you are having a great one

MR. Teddy


Nadia Moon said...

looks nice. it definitely has potential. i would suggest to watch the hard and soft edge. there is a nice hard edge on the characters and flags, but i would work more on environment as well (i know it's nobody's favorite part). Add more details and snow texture to the foreground and blend it as it goes farther away.

keep posting!

MR.SHIZZLA said...

Yes I have to agree , Keep some hard edges on the rocks, especially in front. Find a happy medium. In your first orinal you kind of had this hint of rocks still very cubic in style, at point you should stay closer to that.
I have to say that you progress rocks though the little details are starting to kick in.
One last thing though there is one guy that bugs me he standing way on the side of the cliff in the background, he seems so big compared to the other guys...look at it tell me what you think...?