Monday, August 25, 2008

Bone Hoarder

Started off with a sketch of some bone head, and then started blocking out a painting. It got huge, working at 4000x7000 pixels. Killed my computer so had to drop her down.

Here is a composite pressed on a photo I took in the Presidio


MR.SHIZZLA said...

For now I am just proud to say your contributing to the blog...I love it and think you should work more on it.
I will give more better critic later,...keep going with it

carlos talbott said...

cool concept. but the character looks off, it feels like is floating in the image i say try to apply the same lathing you have on your environment in to the character.

Spade said...

fuck. nicely done. can we get close up shots of the armor? looks like you put some nice detail on this.

i would agree with carlos about the character floating with the environment. id say paint over the photograph to get both elements to mix.

the values of the foreground trees is pretty much the same as your character, that could be it as well as there is no distinguishing between the mid ground and the foreground.

other than that, perfect start! five stars!

BrandonJones said...

Thanks guys,

I agree, the photo background was an afterthought to the character, so more work is needed. I will definately post some closeups as well as make some improvments based on your suggestions.
Great night at the Concept Jam II, I posted some pics here

BrandonJones said...

Here is a link to a larger image of the dude where you can see more detail.

BrandonJones said...
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