Saturday, August 2, 2008

Indie Cyborg One

This guy had some surgery, and smokes to cope with the pain.


Spade said...

watch out for those hands.

BrandonJones said...

Those hands will get you! Its always been my weakest point, I need to spend a couple hours doing hand studies from life.

carlos talbott said...

yes the hands. but i think that it needs a more dynamic pose. or the same pose but late us see more of the environment. i know that means you have to star all over aging but all i have to say is that it happens a lot in the life of a concept artist. :) but you love drawing! right! haha.

Spade said...

i wouldnt say that you necessarily need to start over.

i would fix the hands so that it looks more comfortable (imagine yourself holding a staff in that position).

work on the mood and a hint of detail in the background.