Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hey guys just given you and idea of what my hall sketch book looks like this days. i do small thumbnails of shapes and lines and at the end they come out looking like this, all i use is a COPY SKETCH MARKER #1 , # 4 AND A PEN. so yep this is how i get ideas.


BrandonJones said...


I really dig these man. I spent the better part of a bus ride and my morning class trying to come up with some original characters, so I will just steal these!!! :) Just kidding bro

carlos talbott said...

lol any time but watch your back lol jk. yeah man just keep drawing, you know how it is some days is a good day other a bad day in the life of drawing. i say go to borders they have some really cool books on sale on underwater creatures and bugs.and draw the human anatomy or animal anatomy, mix that with a bug and you will have something nice to look, at the end of the day.