Saturday, August 16, 2008


i am tired


carlos talbott said...

this is a cool sketch, you have the idea, you have the colors. but you want the viewer to pay attention to the Indian right? so i think you need to put some light on him with the colors you have on your background . and after that i think you need to star rendering the character and environment. looks cool but have some work ahead of you, i say just take your time!

cool work!

Spade said...

looks awesome, composition is better and color palette works really well. except, like carlos said - what am i looking exactly for? you're not really showcasing much of the character, which is more of the point of the topic.

sorry for all talk but no action, but hoping my two cents go out with positive value towards your skillz.

MR.SHIZZLA said...

I agree hmm, I will work on it for bit give it a shot.
THanks guyz, good critic

BrandonJones said...

Agreed that the choice of composition and color are coming together. Nice to see the work as it progresses. And thanks for shooting in that picture, go to the show tomorrow from 5-7 for FOOD!