Tuesday, September 2, 2008


this is a 20 minute sketch done prior to heading out to work. I'm starting to develop this character further, trying to find out who she is by doing all of these sketches. I'm starting to go towards a woman terrorist feel, with some kind tank girl edge to it. women, robots, and guns. how can i go wrong?

heres my own critique: i need to figure out properly the anatomy, for example the left arm with the gun looks fucked up. as well as her legs. the legs i just need to fix it to fit the right angle.

it doesnt really showcase that she's a badass, so either i redo this or try to salvage it. she's smiling in face of danger, but that's not very readable. the background is a great prop to set the mood. im just so tired of this, and it's kind of cool in a way that im trying different poses, but i feel that for something like this, i might need to come back to my usual formula: face front, standing, palms out.


MR.SHIZZLA said...

I think you could play a little more with the cape and hood,...like give it some interesting cuts or extras on top, or some plates hanging on it...not just a cape and hood,
think marvel character MOON KNIGHT, and even look up some Islamic head wraps. I am sure you will find some more interesting shapes.
But on the other hand you might want it just plane simple like that.

MR.SHIZZLA said...

Hey maybe you can get nadia to pose

Nadia Moon said...

i think the main mistake here is that you really love to paint faces and you go into details too soon. Finish all the underpainting first and leave the face, clothing details, etc for the last.