Tuesday, September 30, 2008

change a few things and went with the war hammer chainsaw sword. working on the rendering of the face, trying to make him look more 3d. any suggestions for that?? am all eyes


BrandonJones said...


Nice changes, I kind of like the covered face, but I think this may show more emotion if you push it. More 3d, I think you should darken up some shadow areas, but not just blacker, add the compliments (oranges into the blue shadows)and work on integrating the blood spatters more, they flatten the image because they have a uniform size and saturation from the front, all the way wrapping around to the side. Looks like a decal, if you desaturate and darken on the edges, and maybe break them up into smaller splatters in logical places, it may start to round out.
Keep rocking bro

Spade said...

agreed with what brandon said -

one thing i try to keep on pushing is to not just use a darker color of the same shade to represent shadows. use other colors! if you want to push it to a more realistic look, use a lot more colors on the skin. the skin consists of multiple colors and not just "peach".

also study facial anatomy so you know what bone structures stick out and go in. this will give you a better idea of where the shadows should be. also where is the light source really coming from? draw some arrows to remind yourself.