Sunday, September 28, 2008

Goddess of Speed

Hey fellas,

Finals are over, and I have been rocking on portfolio and work, nonstop but I wanted to catch up a bit. Here is a project I am working on for an exhibition about how after the Industrial Revolution, the futurist movement decided that speed is the top priority of life, beauty and art. I want to show her in a deco, mottled bronze and have the components she is pulling along seem haphazard, like she is so fast it is becoming unstable. I just don't want it so crazy it looks like a heap of trash and loses the forward momentum.

Thoughts appreciated


ja said...

interesting thoughts i think o marathon runners-w/the expression on their face right when they cross the finish line. is that kinda the feeling u want to show???...then i would focus on the pose more and def the emotion on the face -maybe point the eyes to the viewer-as far as momentum maybe add some hair that looks like its blowing in the wind to help give a sense of motion to...just stuff off the top -looking foward to seeing more! Check u later man-Jess

Carlos Talbott said...

you got the colors and character in place. i think the concept works but i will like to see some more of an environment in it that way the viewer has more of an open space to look around