Friday, September 5, 2008

Raw - the warroires'

Hey oblviously not done. And I am not stuck just taking a brake.
Yet I would really like to get a interesting critic on this.
What I know:
I need to work on her hair, +not got at that, any knowledge from you guyz helpfull.
Need to work on the wolf, again suck at painting fur. ideas?
I need to finish details in tower, but some of the colors on the right big tower are bugging me. ANY IDEAS, what colors I should chose for that tower.
Keep in mind I want some decoration on it.
Have to paint like splashes on to big water house on right by the pillars.

My fear , using to much Purple to blue now, or even putting in green, afraid of putting in greens. Why? is that so?

THanks for the help guyz...later
lets do the frankenstein!!!!

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