Tuesday, June 9, 2009


He's got some hair coming too, have been working on this on my down time from school.
A creepy mother bike is in project for this character as well.Some accessories, steam punk style like a arm gauntlet and gloves , sachets with GEARS will be added too.
High detail in skin muscles is last this time. For some reason it always pushes me back from having a complete character so this time I am focusing on assets and how to get sharp but quick results.
Hope you guys like it considering I haven't posted for a while...but I have been checking everybody's work out, and its tight.


Angelo Cordon said...

those boots are sick!

MR.SHIZZLA said...

thx man, planning some iron parts in the front. Hopefully I can texture this puppy,...:) I am going to change the pose, I don't like. Doesn't speak for the character.


I have much respect for you guys that are doing this. It's awesome.

BrandonJones said...

Nice bro, hey.. one thing.. the pose needs a bit of adjusting, he doesn't look relaxed, but the knee bend makes him look like he is exhausted or about to fall over. Its tough to nail and very close. I really like the facial structure (cheek bones, jaw and eyes. its reading well.

YEAH BABY! I still have your imagine FX, lets meet next week or something dude.