Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Portrait of the Week: Bettie Page

Has anyone entered into a CA.org forums lately? Here's my Portrait of the Week. Feel free to participate.


BrandonJones said...


Nice job man, you really captured some impatient type of purity in her expression. I think its fantastic, I have only one thread in the fine art section on some portraits, Jason Manley told me some excercize to do with drawing 100 skulls to get my anatomy better. I just got my plastic mini skull in the mail this week so I will start this weekend.

Great work buddy.

Emery Miller said...

Thanks Brandon. Now I need like 50 good portraits like this and choose the top 5 for my portfolio. I'm glad you got your skull. I used to borrow on from Cal Poly, full-size for years! but my conscience made me return it before I moved.

MR.SHIZZLA said...

HA , yeah I wanted to buy one of those too, I had a cheap one from my brother, it broke and ever since I really miss it. Skulls are great to have. How much $ is the mini one.
Emery the portrait is smooth and energetic, I really love the eyes, they have life in them. it be cool to see the original to compare of course. Maybe then we can give more input but that might be tricky, not sure.

BrandonJones said...

Yeah, I got this little one, he was still 25 bucks from some biology company. I have only done one page of them so far, so I have more to do, and don't have a female one for the variety yet, oh... if only my skull had the right mate:)