Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hot and Mean

Working on this new derby poster. Concept has been approved. Will add more fists and skates here and there, but this client is always asking me to make them more mean. Any advice for drawing mean women, without making them look haggard or manly? Achieve mean/cute balance?

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BrandonJones said...


This is a nice arrangement and excellent work. Meaner, my first thought is to take the little bit of "fear" out of the front girls eyes and make them more sinister, the teeth could be mashing a bit more.
Eliminate any rounded shapes where possible and play with shadows on their faces. Such as dark eye sockets and half light faces.
The arm up top is coming from no where, would try to resolve that or do something to make it more believable.
keep it up, this one will be hot!