Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Started this a couple nights ago and trying to get time to improve it. Thought I would share so I could get some comments before finishing.


Angelo Cordon said...

Brandon - This is pretty badass. Would love to see you do a process tutorial and post it on the blog sometime.

If anything, I'd like to see the contrast be boost up more. I want to see some dark shadows in here.

Emery Miller said...

Dang. It looks awesome. I only have questions for you. ha ha. How many practice runs do you go through before producing something polished like this? How do you plan to finish it?

BrandonJones said...


I would love to make one some time. It will have some more POP later.


Its not finished at all, but I made about 6 or 7 thumbnail sketches before I started makeing a more detailed line drawing when the comp was tight.

I will show more later

Carlos Talbott said...

love it!!! love the colors, very nice master!!

MR.SHIZZLA said...

Your colors are great on this.
You need to improve the vehicle design. And I want to get little bit of a better idea of what is going on with the shape that is leaving the castle under the sky . To the right of the composition.
THis is going to be a sweet piece.
I think the vehicle design will give us an idea about the style even more.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandon, haven't looked at your stuff in a while, your skills are seeing light year leaps of improvement =)

If I had to critique this piece it would be that I do not feel a major compositional focus. It seems to be the freeway overpass because it is in highest contrast, or maybe the distant structure because the 1 point perspective is pointing towards it. But you've got this mostly open area in the midground with little visual interest.

I suggest adding an extreme foreground element to bring us into the picture, and maybe in this foreground element you could work in shapes that reinforce where you want the viewer's eye to travel (toward the vanishing point I'd imagine).



BrandonJones said...

Tyrone, Anders,

Those are some great comments. I really have been thinking about what to put in there, and it has felt empty, didn't want to start working details until it is really nailed down.

Hopefully have some time over the weekend. THanks a bunch for the great crits!