Monday, June 8, 2009

Rink Riot (Revision)

Thanks for the feedback on round one. Here is the final version without type/copy. Improvements?


Carlos Talbott said...

this is looking good Emery i say just keep rendering. are you adding a background to it? i see some smoke trail so i am guessing yes? one thing i see funny is
the girl holding the leg i think look funky not the girl but the leg that she is holding i think try changing that leg in to an arm? cause the way it is right now makes me fallow the leg down and it looks like that legs belong to that girls head. don't know if i am making any sens here but hope it helps :) so i say try to put an arm there and see how it looks. hope it helps other then that is looking good.


I get it. It's totally looks like a leg shooting up out of the helmet. Very Funky. Thank you. I'll check out you smoke technique too from your last post.

BrandonJones said...

Looking good Emery, I think the faces are successful at not being to girly. It is always our tendency to make feminine, sexy looking female faces, but these chicks are crass, tough and ballsy derby girls, very well done.