Friday, September 11, 2009

Daryl Mandryk

Just discovered this guy. Super cool shit, his digital figure paintings are to definitely see. I enjoyed his tutorial and it's something you guys should do a quick read of. Check it -


MR.SHIZZLA said...

Wow thanks awesome stuff.

Emery Miller said...

Daryl is awesome. I actually emailed him about a year ago, and he responded with some good feedback! He's a nice guy. We should let him know about Nocturnal.

BrandonJones said...

that was such a clear thought process. I can really imagine jumping in and giving that a shot, hoopefully soon.

This week has been nuts, I am doing 8 environments that I really want to share but they are for a client. Cant wait though later.

Angelo Cordon said...

Glad you guys found this helpful. I really do want to email Daryl. His figure paintings are just driving me insane! It's been my wallpaper for a week now!