Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here is a color pass, and some tats, with some fixes on the hands and overall cleaning up the rendering. Thanks for the feedback Angelo!


Emery Miller said...

Nice. Something about a caucasian skin that can look green under certain lighting. You really captured it.
How do you come up with your palette? Do you color-pick/eyedrop from real photos?

BrandonJones said...


No, I dont color pick but there is kind of a nice method I found in this Zbrush book. Weird place maybe, but it talked about creature shop methods based on how they used to do old laytex models.
I will post an image but its a book by Scott Spencer/character creation. The basic Ideas is there are tempurature areas on the face, cool blues in eye sockets and under chin, yellows in the areas like bridge of nose and forehead where there is not much skin. reds in ears and nose times and cheeks lips.
On an overlay layer, I paint over my greyscale and block in these temperature zones, and it looks really exaggerated at first, then you make multipl passes with your basic flesh color at low opacity to unify it. There is also a "mottling pass' usually done by scribbling with a really small brush which breaks up the shapes and makes for randomness and appears to be just below the skin surface.
If you want, I can scan all the pages, about 6 of em later. or maybe you can find the book some other way.