Friday, September 25, 2009

robot head 1st try

robot head h264
Originally uploaded by jjutt
i've been trying to draw hard surface characters lately and now this is me trying it out in zbrush



BrandonJones said...

Nice work there man, I can't wait to see 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tries! You show a real talent for understanding form which will translate into some awesome Zbrush work. If there is one thing that all first attempts at Zbrush have in common, it is things looking melted and too smooth. I think you avoided this for the most part, but perhaps there could still be a few really tight edges pinched in. Awesome work overall, has mood!

BrandonJones said...

The video is a little small, but on a couple more views I caught more detail, so scratch that crit, although most of the stuff looks pulled from an alpha, is somewhat tapered which is difficult to avoid but might make them pop more.

Joaquin E. Jutt said...

thank you for such lovely feedback. There were no alphas used. And i forgot about pinching the edges thanks. I'm gonna start a 2 week contract at Slash FX on monday as jr. artist. hopefully will lead to more work...they also said i'll be working on a new movie but they can't tell me yet NDA >_<

Angelo Cordon said...

I agree with Brandon. This is a really good piece, too bad it's so small that we can't see the details :( :( :(

You should bring some a couple of screenshots into photoshop and compile it onto one canvas to properly present it.

MR.SHIZZLA said...

For not using alphas Alphas this is good...and no pinching...:)
One thing I would suggest is to grab nickz alphas for combination with standard brush it gives you fast results for straight aligned edges.