Friday, September 18, 2009

Drawing Exercise: Face

I used to grade papers and co-teach a figure drawing class at Cal Poly SLO. I kept a lot of the homework assignments. The exercise is filled out already, but you can erase and start over in Photoshop.
These were created by Robert Densham, Professor Emeritus. He's basically my mentor. Check out his art at


MR.SHIZZLA said...

Man this is great , I never thaught about approaching reference in this just swing this way of training how to draw helps out a lot. In 1 week I am picking up the pen again and I can t wait. I would love to see more. Thanks so much Emery

BrandonJones said...

Very nice, need more life drawing, I am really needed just good life drawing group.

Emery Miller said...

Word. Finding a good group is tough. I found an awesome group in L.A. but it's kind of unique because he always features themes and costumes, male and female. A lot of the other groups look like they're trying to be really sexy...and lots of amateurs who just want to hang out. I'll post some more on that later.