Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here is a little more color on the one boxer, and some design sheets on the second, beefier boxer.


Angelo Cordon said...

cool man! dig the color work on that boxer. love that the reds are all in the right places.

Some critique: I notice on my hands, that my middle finger knuckle is further out than the rest of the knuckles. In your illustration, they all line up flat. Also, I'd like to see the belt wrap around his body instead of just a flat line like that. And a burly man like that, he needs more hair! chest hair, arm hair.

Other than that, fucking good job on the flesh tones!

Angelo Cordon said...

Oh and also, edge control on that black and white. a lot of your brush strokes are soft edged, so it seems to get blury, which is fine on the inside details. but on the outside lines, itd be nice to see it more defined.