Friday, April 17, 2009

Bahara WIP

Hey everybody.

Been trying to work on some 3D in addition to the Painting. Tyrone inspired me so I am trying to take a character from a concept I did. I have been working how I normally do and was hitting the same roadblock. I am trying to work out UV unwraps, using smallest texture, all of this thinking is screwing up what I want to do, a great sculpt. So I saved out another version to just work in pose and focus on the modeling.

Let me know,


MR.SHIZZLA said...

wow Brandon, this is getting along really , well, man you know I am married and you post this,, its turning me on, Jokes aside this will be a freaking good piece. Work on the boobs from some angle they seem a little wobbly,...I heard elastic tool for weight impression helps ,..or try going on the gravity under brush the "MOD" future helps too. I want to come every SATHURDAY after 3pm to school if you want to work on stuff.
About the texturing I found some solutions...that I would be happy to share,...I know what you talking about. KEEP GOING this is inspiring man

BrandonJones said...

Thanks Tyrone,

I would like to go, but weekends are usually busy with some type of plans or another, plus my laptop has vista so I can't work on it with MY version of ZBrush.
Anyways, thanks, I have been looking for a solution for wrinkles and bulges of flesh, I will try elastic, I was using clay and inflat, but clay smooths it out opposite of what I want, and inflat causes weird geometry. I am stuck at 6 subdivs for her body because I have a 32 bit OS and therefore and short on Ram, really need a monster upgrade some day.
Thanks, plus I have your magazine dude, I want to come in for figure drawing on a Thursday and give it back.