Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pant-Suit Girl

I've been working on my digital sketches. Practicing fundamentals. Going with Angelo's advice using harder brushes. Working on flesh tone palette and vinyl pant-suit highlights. Any all-around criticism? Tips for drawing wild hair?


Angelo Cordon said...

emery!!! Glad to see you post again! This is good shit! Keep at it!

I would say the top half looks amazing, but the legs look a bit squashed. As for hair, all I could say is look for reference of "windy hair". But the hair that you have actually looks great!

Good work man!

BrandonJones said...


Nice, like the bounce light on the bottom shoe. I like the skin in that it is painted well to define light shadow and form. But I would try to get some color variation, hue variation in the skin to make it more alive.


MR.SHIZZLA said...

Hi Emery, goow work.For critic I think your arm on the left of the character that is holding the her weigh is short. I would look at some of your reference. Maybe the arm is not in a straight position and that is why its shorter. In your case it looks like her arm is all stretched out but it remains short. In some way your lower leg needs to push out more maybe if you worked on pushing the knee it will come out much stronger. I would like to see more hair aswell.
Overall I like the colors in this piece and your smoothness, nice skills. Look forward to learning from you.