Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Joan Part 2

Well! Didn't quite make the Chow on time... frankly after seeing the final burning thread, it felt kind of intimidating. Some awesome stuff there. Which made realize that this isn't even the real direction I wanted to take this piece. I think what is working really well are my basic color choices; it definitely contributes as to how I want the composition to go to. I also like the design, plain and simple, but as far stylization go, I originally wanted to go for more hyper real and less cartoony.

Crits and comments plz.



Angelo- Now I wanna try CHOW too! The strength of your Joan is in her young peasant quality. There isn't really another like it in the Finals Poll. But I'd like to see her other hand come around and clutch that basket. And bring some bright light down on her face.

Angelo Cordon said...

thanks man, definitely was trying to play off of her innocence. I totally forgot about that other hand, haha, but thanks for the reminder. Will keep up at this!