Thursday, April 23, 2009

ok guys been playing around with this robot, lots of people say it looks like iron giant wish i don't want him to look like that, so did a few changes and now i have 2 different ways to with but don't know wish on to go for need your help wish one you like the?????????

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Angelo Cordon said...

I personally like the first one as it brings something different to the picture instead of the cliched' cow abduction by light bit. I actually think the whole pose is pretty funny, like he is scolding the cow. or poking at it.

in terms of it looking like iron giant, well the previous passes that you did on the design were definitely heavily influenced by iron giant. a couple of characteristics from the iron giant is that, it is giant, gray, bulky, etc. you can even change the giant's color to something completely different to seriously get away from the iron giant's characteristics.