Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Driver Waits

So I participated in the Conceptart.org Daily Sketch Group (DSG) today. Here's driver waiting as his aircraft is repaired. Took a couple hours but it's a start. Needs conceptual and technical help.


Angelo Cordon said...

great start emery -

keep plugging away at it! I would say that perspective is a bit wonky, but dont worry so much about that right now. you can fix that later, so for now fake it.

focus on mood and values. you can also have the driver be looking towards the car more to show more of an emotional connection between the two objects. and the viewer can look at the composition smoothly from left to right.

so yeah, like i said, its a great start. try working from far away (zoomed out) with huge brushes and not worry about little details just yet.

BrandonJones said...

If you are doing one of these daily, More power to you, this looks sharp to me and is a good comp. Glad to see you on here. You would have loved going to the MB Atelier last night, saw some real serious artists getting so much better.