Friday, April 24, 2009

Can I get some advice on this one.

I did a pencil sketch while driving to work down coastal hiway at Sea Cliff. ( I pulled over and parked actually, to be safe.) Then made notes on the colors by writing (grey blue) and other such nonsense. Tried to recall it a couple weeks later from home.

Help me make it pop more, looks washy.



Carlos Talbott said...

this works nicely and i think you are heading the right direction, you have color you have structure now is just time to plan where you want the audiences eye to go and star adding detail on cars and sky and every thing eels. looks good the idea is there now is time to render out as much as you can.

hope it helps even know i am half sleep :P

Angelo Cordon said...

Brandon - awesome stuff! I really dig how dynamic you have captured the light. I don't think it looks washed out at all. In fact i think the beach could be more washed out to distinguish it as the background because right now everything is clear. if you could make the background "bluer"... not really sure what else to say. It looks great, don't know what else you can build up on. good job :)

MR.SHIZZLA said...

F you bastard, this is nice...I will keep looking at it then drop some critic later ok!


I'm very impressed by your environment work. I wonder how it would look if you desaturated the orange dirt in the foreground and the green grass, but I love the lighting on the bush (upr lft crner). And might there be more of a distinction between distant hills and gray cloud cover? dunno. try it out. Perhaps the perhaps the cars would cast a darker shadow. Inspiring.